Fresh and earthy Thanksgiving tablescape

Thanksgiving is about family, gratitude, and abundance, and the vehicle for that message is the meal. That is what inspired me to make this fresh, rustic, and simple tablescape. I wanted it to be subtle and beautiful, without an enormous flower centerpiece or other distractions. I think a Thanksgiving table should feel earthy, comforting, and really be about the people sitting at the table. 

I'm certainly not alone in loving Thanksgiving—I think it wins best holiday over Christmas for so many people once they grow up. It's all the good feels of Christmas without the gifts part, and it's also the kickoff to the holiday season—the first day you feel truly validated in cozying up and celebrating the cooler weather and taking time to prepare and enjoy a meal with people you love. I love everything about it, and all of the different traditions people have, whether celebrated with friends, close family members, or a large crowd: a Bloody Mary filled morning, an all-hands-on-deck day of cooking, movies by the fire, Hot Toddies, board games, decadent appetizers, as well as old-school-old-faithfuls like stuffing and cranberry sauce. In a low carb, sugar free, fat free, 100-cal world of quick eating and meals on the go, I love the fact that Thanksgiving has held its ground as a day of long work in the kitchen, and yet a day still full of leisure, indulgence, and good company. I'm getting all nostalgic just thinking about it! 

Now, for the details of this tablescape. In Rochester, we are lucky enough to have one of the best florist and specialty shops I've ever been to right downtown. It's called Arena's and it's the absolute best for beautiful, eccentric, and rare flower options. Arena's makes swoon-worthy arrangements that are unlike any others I've seen—but it's also fun to pick from their great selection and make your own arrangement at home. That's what I decided to do for this project because I knew I didn't want to make a traditional floral arrangement. I picked out a few different things that I thought would look great tangled up and laying on top of one another down the center of the table, as well as something for a place setting:

Persimmons - I loved the color and uniqueness of these, and the fact that they were a little scraped and beat up in parts
Kiwi branches - so tangled and curled and wild looking, perfectly earthy
Crabapple branches - these were a great compliment to the persimmons, and they contained the green element I was looking for
White gourds - I thought these were adorable as reusable decor or a little take-home for guests

To arrange them, I just played around until I liked the overall look. The kiwi branches I kept whole, but the persimmons and crabapple branches I cut apart if need be, to disperse more evenly.  

For the place settings, I wanted to keep things crisp and light in color, but to compliment the fall colors of the centerpiece, I decided to use an array of both off white and white through the plates, cloth napkins, and gourds. 

I kept the glassware pretty simple, except for the gold leaf painted rocks glasses that I thought would bring a cheery holiday element to the table. With everything else being earthy, I love how the glassware instantly elevates the party-feel. 

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to you and yours!



Bed Bath & Beyond plates
Oneida flatware
HomeGoods off white cloth napkins
Hand painted gold leaf rocks glasses
Riedel wine glasses
Serena & Lily candlesticks (no longer available)

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