My teeny tiny office space

It's been a long time since I've been able to call even the smallest nook my "office" space. And to be honest, I still do most of my blogging from my couch or my bed. But I've been spending some time slowly cultivating a unique little workspace of my own—thanks to this cutest desk that Jon gave me for Christmas to be the centerpiece of it all.

I think it's bright, comfortable, tidy, and eclectic—the best combination for me.

It takes up about a three-foot area in what is actually the open kitchen and living room. But the curated gallery wall helps to anchor it and make it feel purposeful.

The gallery wall was so fun to put together. Although it is definitely a two man job—"you hold this while I stand back and look. k now you go back and look and I'll hold it. move it up a little. and now over to the right. up a little more. nope hate it. try that other one. k perf"—it came together more naturally than I thought it would, even though we had a pretty wide array of colors, objects, and styles. We didn't want it to look too staged or too perfect, and I think the variety helped with that. 

All of my favorite things: the books that inspire me most, all things geode and agate (coaster and bookend), dried flowers, a weird little rubber triceratops from a terrarium building workshop with my friends, a hand drawn calendar from a friend, one of my favorite pictures of my brother and I as little humans (holding worms while playing in the dirt), a new candle that I'm obsessed with, and a great old light and Edison bulb that was a gift from Jon's sister. 

The chair was a really, really lucky find from HomeGoods. It used to serve as an extra living room chair, but I love that it's a cross between comfortable and functional as a task chair.  It also folds up really flat and tucks away in the event it's taking up too much space on the floor.


Some Minted artwork, some original artwork, some vintage and thrift store finds
Urban Outfitters mirrors, similar and similar

HomeGoods ikat folding chair, similar 
West Elm mid-century desk
Anthropologie celestial coasters
HomeGoods wood slab, similar
Hand drawn calendar, similar 
Gold scissors, similar 
Royal Apothic candle
Vintage lamp with West Elm Edison globe bulb