January: Siggi's, Frank Underwood, and Fascist Germany

I’m kicking off a new periodical series in which I’ll discuss the abbreviated goings-on in my world as of late. The verbs may change slightly from post to post depending on what I’ve been up to, but each one will focus on what I’ve been thinking about, doing, listening to, reading, eating, buying, etc. in hopes of spreading the word about new products or services or just corralling current thoughts or feels. So, here’s where I’m at in the world:



The Nightingale. I’m painfully slow at getting through books, but I’m trying to stop holding that against myself and just read more often, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time. The book is rather slow moving, as well, but really well written and intriguing. It takes place in a French village at the start of World War II and is the story of two sisters and their disparate, yet related, battles to fight for their lives during the Nazi occupation of their country. I can tell I’m being led down an interesting path with the characters, and one character in particular, but the amount of detail being given is enough to make me forget I’m reading a novel and instead believe I am witnessing something in real time.



These new pajamas from Christmas that are the nicest pair I’ve ever owned. And sweaters. All of the sweaters, on repeat.



Secret Hitler, a fantastic new game with friends in which liberals try to fight the fascists and Hitler. Here’s what I love: it’s not a complex board game with a million pieces (I admittedly really struggle to get into those types of games); it feels social, interactive, and deductive, and it doesn’t get old because it’s so dependent on the personalities of the people playing. It’s a game of instinct and trust and lying and deceit. 



A sense of humanity, and sisterhood/brotherhood at large. It's unfortunate (tragic, even) that it can take such divisiveness to cause people to stand up for indivisibility, but the call for unity that erupts is both inspiring and comforting. Love has to, needs to, will trump hate. 



Siggi’s plain yogurt with honey and fruit in it, like raspberries and kiwis (I also love bananas in it). Also, I was recently introduced to these addicting sweet and spicy guys from Trader Joe's. How’s that for a balanced diet?



House of Cards. I know we’re way late on this, but we’re nearing the end of season one and are completely hooked (as well as a little horrified). I find myself thinking about the characters ALL day as if they’re real humans. Like, eating my soup at lunch and wondering who Frank Underwood is currently royally fucking over, or, whose soul Claire Underwood is staring through with her strange piercing eyes. I love Kevin Spacey and I love shows about politics. PS: for a much less dark alternative, watch The West Wing.


Listening to

Aurora. She’s got an ethereal and yet sort of haunting voice (my favorite kind, actually), and her music is so good, especially listened to really loud. PS: if you're a Moulin Rouge fan, make sure you check out her version of the song Nature Boy.


Looking forward to

The Super Bowl! We're hosting our first party at our new house, and as it stands I'm planning to spend all Sunday making Jamie's award winning chili, some killer deviled eggs, and sea salted caramel brownies. 



Yoga. I recently bought a pack of classes with Nicole Kazimer, founder of Hikyoga, and she teaches her classes in rotating non-gym venues. I actually love the way yoga makes me feel and although I still feel the degree of dread beforehand associated with all exercise, once I start I really enjoy it, and I just feel so good afterward.



I’ve been really wanting to plan a long weekend in Nashville (dying to try Rolf and Daughters), possibly combined with the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. Lately, I’ve been preferring shorter jaunts in new-to-me cities over long vacations. They are easier to get on the calendar and no less satisfying from an adventure standpoint.


Thankful for

More daylight each day! That's one really exciting thing about every passing day of winter: an extra minute or so before night falls.


What about you?? Bring on February!