Worthy Reads

Worthy reads - The Pastiche


This was such an interesting and respectable narrative about coping with an unexpected pregnancy (via The Everygirl)


As an underwhelming ironer, I found this video on how to iron a dress shirt in 90 seconds to be educational...now I just have to see if I can apply what I've learned (via GQ)


Overly excited to try making some of these famous restaurant dishes at home (via MyDomaine)


Ever wondered why your nose feels stuffed one nostril at a time? (via Mental Floss)


Interesting roundup (and beautiful pictures) of which national parks are best for each kind of traveler (via Travel + Leisure)


I'm such a sucker for good writing; and I loved this woman's imagery-loaded piece about struggling to understand her place as an adoptee, and comparing it to the Sims game (via Man Repeller)