Worthy Reads



The most shocking moments in Oscars history including, unsurprisingly, Sunday night's faux pas (via Vogue) 


This is a fascinating piece about all of the letters written to President Obama (via New York Times)


Get ready for it: a list of the Best Trader Joe's Products of All Time (via Refinery29)


What does your parents' relationship mean for your future? (via Man Repeller)


The psychology of the worry spiral and a potentially new way to approach it - I'm going to try this (via Science of Us)


In case you've still managed to avoid the hygge hype, here's everything you need to know about the concept that I've become obsessed with (via The New Yorker)


"Besty row" GETS me (via BlamNews)


An intimate week of Sean Spicer's diary entries cracked me up (via GQ)


I wish we could all adopt Rome's aperitivo. PS: reading this gave me ALL the feels and ALL the memories; it is perfectly accurate, in my experience at least (via New York Times)


*Extended post this week because I haven't done one in too long! PS: do you all like having more articles to read? Should I keep up with 9 or do you prefer the usual 6? Let me know!