My summer bucket list

Go kayaking

Walk whenever possible, as opposed to driving
(Update: been trying to hit 10,000 steps a day!)

Host a late afternoon boozy brunch

Go camping

Hike a mountain in the Adirondacks

Read 5 more books before fall

Have a bonfire
(Update: check!)

Go to an outdoor concert
(Update: saw The Lumineers at Ommegang Brewery!! -- in the rain)

Walking pub/restaurant crawl on a beautiful day (that ends with Dinosaur BBQ)

Have a cookout at a park
(Update: grilled ahi tuna tacos, drank beer, and hung out by the lake for the best Monday night ever)

Go to my family’s camp on the St. Lawrence River
(Update: had a great weekend with my brother Dylan and sister-in-law Holly, and we spent a perfect 4th up there too!)

Take a long drive in Jon’s old convertible (and learn to drive stick shift?!)
(Update: country roads at night with the music up real loud = a certain kind of heaven)

Drink rosé outside (often)
(Update: let's be honest, this hasn't been hard.)

Go to a local festival
(Update: went to the Food Truck Rodeo and worked the table for Jon's place, Dorado, at the Foodlink Festival)

Plant a windowsill herb garden

Go antiquing and estate sale hunting
(Update: antiquing and garage sales have been a hit; vintage jewelry coming soon!)

Try out 5 new restaurants
(Update: Nosh, Georgie's Bakery, Southpoint, 

Go sailing on Skaneateles Lake with my family
(Update: such a gorgeous Labor Day on the lake!)

Ride bikes along the canal to get slices of pizza at Bushnell’s Basin Pontillo’s

Have a picnic outside
(Update: we had steak salads at sunset at the Memorial Art Gallery and sub sandwiches for lunch at Powder Mills Park, but I'm ready for more!)

Make salt chicken
(Update: this may have been the best grilling we've done all summer! Recipe to come eventually)

Visit Janessa in Baltimore and Michelle in Chicago
(Update: both trips are booked!!)

Go to a baseball game

Take a sunny day off from work for a pool or beach day
(Update: done, and SO worth it)

Go to the Food Truck Rodeo, a local festival of 20+ food trucks, live music, and beer

Learn Rochester’s downtown landmarks

Play croquet

Learn a new skill or hobby (this spring I tackled yoga and pie crust, and in the running this summer is: hair blowout, French braiding)
(Update: I attended a blowout class through the Rochester Brainery and I'm feeling a little more confident in mastering this)

Have a boat day
(Update: rented a pontoon boat with 10 friends for a Sunday Funday on the lake)

Make a birthday cake for someone

Go on a weekend road trip
(Update: Jon surprised me with a weekend drive to Montreal!)

Make homemade ice cream

Play and hike at the local parks with Kaya and Ellie’s new pup, Ollie
(Update: we had one fun park play date and are ready for more)

Go golfing

Take a nap in a hammock

Play cornhole
(Update: Jon had a big party in the park for all of his employees, equipped with cornhole, kickball, and other fun yard games)

Have a fish fry


PS: my spring bucket list, and how I did