A fun look for holiday parties

We're all more than familiar with the story of the holiday party. We mark our calendars with events strewn throughout November, December, and early January, whether for work or with friends or with family, with every intention of not waiting until the last minute to a. buy gifts, b. wrap gifts, and c. find something to wear. But, inevitably, the dates roll in quicker than we ever anticipated, often before any part of a, b, or c has been completed. That's why I love a couple of go-to holiday uniforms. Even I (who lives daily life from a capsule wardrobe) like to buy new for special events and parties, so I really prefer to have a few options laid out for me ahead of time. And if a look is perfect and one that I'm really excited about, a splurge is sometimes worth it.

I've recently gotten to know the serious girl-boss owner of skaneateles300' and Placement, two boutiques in Skaneateles and Rochester, respectively (Placement is located in Eastview Mall, right next to the Apple store). Geraldean has created two incredibly curated shops, full of beautiful and well-made pieces (clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes) from high-end brands you've heard of as well as some new-to-you unique designers. The brands range in price point, too, and it's so fun to be able to try on in-person many brands that I'd previously only ever experienced online or in cities far away from Upstate New York (Hi, rag & bone, cupcakes and cashmere, Clare V., Theory, MOTHER denim, to name a few).

We put together a holiday party look that wasn't banished to the dress and tights zone. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of room for a great holiday dress, but it's not the only answer, especially for a less formal night. Enter: a festive, rainbow lace top and leather pants. When topped off with sparkly, moody studs and a red lip, this look says holiday to me, in a cool, unexpected (and warm!) way. PS: if there were ever a way to feel the comfiest version of sexy, leather pants are IT. Especially when paired with a top that is business in the front and a little bit party in the back (i.e. a hemline that flatters in all the right places).  

Pants, top, and earrings are all available through skaneateles300' and Placement