A Mexican themed birthday party

Ellie is one of my favorite humans on earth, and she just celebrated her 25th birthday. After she threw me a New Year’s birthday bash, I knew I wanted to do the same for her!

I’ve been feeling especially nostalgic and emotional as of late with regard to my girlfriends both near and far, and it’s been causing to me to reflect on all the good times and great memories that I’ve shared with them. In fact, at the gym the other day* (c. *5 weeks ago), there were two high school aged girls in the locker room whose giggly interactions and clear adoration of each other left me with THE warmest feelings inside. I was suddenly overcome with such appreciation and nostalgia for all the times in my life I’ve had a friendship or a moment like that where all cliches rang true and not the time nor the place mattered even an iota of how much the other person/people mattered. Close friendships between females are so special, and I feel myself growing more and more grateful everyday for those I hold so, so dear.

And now we go from sentimental to, well, a bit more superficial. As a little bit of background on Ellie, myself, and the rest of our friends, the average day in the life, but particularly beginning around Thursday afternoon and most assuredly on Friday, might find us jokingly demanding a “margarita to the brain stem.” By this we mean that we’re craving a Mexican Car Crash from Dorado, the one place we always say we never have a bad night. Car Crashes are one of those sneaky little things that draws skeptical glances from outsiders, goes down way too easily, and leaves you feeling pretty nice very, very suddenly. It’s half a margarita in a pint glass with a Corona tipped over in it. The combination is can’t-miss and it’s one of our favorite ways to spend a Friday night.  

So I thought, why not bring the Dorado vibes home for Ellie’s party? With this in mind, I set out to create a fun little Mexican-inspired spread with margaritas (and Car Crashes) as the drink du jour. 

The spread consisted of chips with my very favorite homemade salsa and guac, goat cheese stuffed jalapeños with bacon and honey, a chicken taco bar with slaw and jalapeño lime crema, and killer street corn salad. Oh, and key lime pie as birthday cake!

Mexican themed birthday party - The Pastiche

Happy 25th, El!


Upside down basket - HomeGoods
Dispenser jug - Pottery Barn
Raised cake stands (wood and scalloped) - HomeGoods
Table cloth (actually a blanket) - HomeGoods
Small green striped bowls - Anthropologie
All other serving dishes - HomeGoods
Gold number balloons - Party City
Succulents and cactus - Home Depot