Tiny love letter vignette DIY

If I'm any part hoarder, it's for cards and paper supplies (photographic evidence). I could go through my closet, my dresser, my car and get rid of most things in front of me without much care, and probably even with excitement at the thought of getting new things. However, the line is drawn at stationery. I can't do it. I love all of it, each for a different reason, for some distant purpose or celebration or friend. And so often while visiting new places, the only thing I bring back home with me is a new card to add to my collection.

This last trip to Charleston was no different, although my intention was slightly different. At one boutique on King Street, called The Editor, I found these sweet little cards with different snippets of love letters and poems from old masters. I instantly knew I wanted to frame them somehow. The quotes themselves were simple, small, and sweet, and I knew I wanted the frame to reflect the same sentiment. Often a go-to of mine for interesting frames and mirrors and other decor, Urban Outfitters had this little glass display frame that I knew would be perfect.

For as tiny and easy as this DIY project was, it has packed a huge punch on my nightstand and is such a sweet sentiment to fall asleep and wake up to...

Here's what you need

(pictured above)

Cards of some kind to frame, whether quotes or a cool print or watercolor (like thesethese, or these)
Measuring tape

Here's how you do it

Using the pictures below as a guide, measure the frame opening, length and width (in my case, I measured the sample paper already in there). Then, since the quotes were centered on my card, and I wanted them to be perfectly centered in the frame, I needed to find the center of the card (on the back) to make markings for cutting. Once I found the center, towards the bottom of the card I measured out half on each side of what I'd found the frame opening's width to be. I did it again at the top of the card to make sure that my cutting line would be straight. I made those cuts. Then, I repeated this process with the length, and made those finishing cuts, as well. I placed the quote cards inside and closed up my new little favorite nightstand decor.

Of course, if you are less concerned with what part of the card gets framed, you don't have to be as particular with where you make your cutting markings; just make sure the overall measurements are right.