What are you cooking this season?

We're here; we've made it. We're in the season of indulgent, guilt-free cooking—my favorite time of year to be in the kitchen. My old routine creeps back in: I get home from work at 5:30, immediately change into pajamas and thick socks, and post up in my kitchen (usually with a glass of red wine, drinking the remainder of whatever the recipe at hand calls for). I'm either over the stove or perched on the corner counter top while Jon takes the reigns. For the first time in months, I fully embrace the indulgence of time and energy that comes along with fall cooking and baking. Whereas summer nights were spent outside or elsewhere (grilling at 9 PM was usually how our nights would end, if cooking dinner at all), November just feels right passing hours in the kitchen. The long prep; the slow braising; the smells that permeate the whole house; the darkness outside. Even the planning, which feels so cumbersome in the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants summer months, becomes so soothing and enjoyable—Bon Appetit becomes a familiar, daily respite once again. Do you feel the same way this time of year? If so, what are you looking forward to cooking? For me, it's all of the things. With all of the butter, all of the wine, all of the cheese, and all of the winter herbs.

Fall cooking bucket list

Spaghetti bolognese

(a dish I started caring about precisely on September 7th when I had the best of my life at Jon & Vinny's in LA)

Pot roast

(I'm partial to my own red wine-heavy version)

Butternut squash soup

(hearty and healthy for take-to-work lunches)

Scalloped potatoes

(last time I saw my Grandma, I asked her for all her secrets because she makes my favorite version)

Roast chicken

(because nothing says Slow Sunday like roast chicken - Ina’s is delicious, and I'd love to try Julia's)

And Gabrielle Hamilton's Farmhouse Chicken Braised in Hard Cider

Roasted carrots, parsnips, turnips, and fennel with wintery herbs like thyme and rosemary

Speaking of wintery herbs: Autumn Panzanella salad

(I've been making this Saveur-based recipe for years)

I can't stop thinking about these shells from last winter

(butternut squash and ricotta stuffed with garlic bechamel)

As well as this heaven-in-a-cast-iron-skillet from 3sisterseat


(the American kind, like mine, is so comforting and nostalgic for me)

Pork tenderloin

(I'm envisioning apples... fennel... an herb crust. YAS to this version.)

Chicken pot pie

(I love Serious Eats for step by step recipes that have been tried and tested. Plus, the drop biscuit method is calling me! I've only ever done a pie crust version)

Little hat pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe and tons of garlic and red pepper flakes and good Parmigiano-Reggiano

(That's my vision and I'm seeing to it)

Really good meatloaf

(Maybe this?)

French onion soup

(Petit Trois totally won me over while in LA, and this is their recipe on Bon Appetit!)

Coq au Vin

(Who better to turn to than Julia?)