My new favorite thing in our apartment

I recently commissioned my younger brother, Hunter, who's an artist and whose modern/pop art/abstract style work I love, to paint something for our apartment. We had a wall in mind which begged for something pretty big (ideally square) at eye level.

I sent Hunter pictures of our living area as it looks currently to drive home its aesthetic and feel, which we wanted to keep but also expand on a bit. I love adding color through artwork, so we thought this was the perfect opportunity to introduce a palette that is underrepresented by the rest of our living room.

We wanted something cheery and fun, modern but still soft, with a mix of pastels and brights.

Hunter knocked this one out of the park. And I love the fact that there's art in our place that we're connected to on a deeper level than just liking the way it looks. Thanks, Hunts!

You can see some of his other artwork here, as well as @hunterbypotter on social media.