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Popovers with strawberry butter

Popovers are some kind of miracle. They’re what you might get if you crossed a pancake with a crescent roll, as strange as that sounds, but a better version of either, with crispy edges and a chewier texture. They’re an unfair version of “bread” with your meal because you won’t want to eat anything else on the table. And because of their otherworldly hybrid characteristics, they work just as well savory as they do sweet. I’ve made a gruyere version and I’ve made them with Parmesan and herbs, but I couldn’t help thinking how delicious these would be at brunch (Easter?!) with strawberry butter for sweeter vibes. 

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Coconut bread with honey butter

I’m a little amazed that this is my first coconut recipe on the blog, but it’s a fitting first because it’s a tried and true favorite. Coconut is so, well, special. There’s no other flavor like it, and it ramps up everything that it’s in. Some of my favorites include: coconut curry, coconut gelato, pina coladas, and coconut macaroons. I even love that weird fake coconut scent a la tanning lotion from 9th grade. I love putting coconut oil in my hair even though I’m not convinced it’s even doing anything other than staining my leather couch when my pigeon brain forgets that I’m doing a coconut oil treatment. I love eating fresh coconut, and speaking of, how much better does coconut anything taste when you’re on the beach? Take me there!

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