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Strawberry sriracha jam

While I'm less of a sweet-heat gal (I'm not usually a fan of hot and spicy things that have sweetness to them, such as wings or sauces), I'm all about sweets that have an added element of heat. In this case, the addition of sriracha chili sauce gives homemade strawberry jam, which is fundamentally delicious on its own, a depth and mystery that takes it to the next level.

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My Grandma’s custardy French toast with raspberry butter

French toast is the ultimate breakfast comfort food. It starts with smelling it while it’s cooking. I have this thing about the smell of eggs on a skillet and it might be one of my favorite smells in the world. With French toast, though, the scent isn’t just eggs. It’s buttery, custardy, and just absolutely dreamy. Another thing about French toast is that I’m not sure what’s more satisfying—having someone cook it for you, or cooking it for someone else. Also, how gorgeous is a plate of French toast topped with a pat of butter and glossy hot maple syrup? Clearly I could go on forever—I’m telling you, it’s the stuff comfort is made of.

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