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What I Wore (maternity edition!) - The Pastiche

I’m going to start showing and linking some daily maternity looks. Because dressing for pregnancy can be a [seriously annoying] challenge, because I get asked questions about it all the time, because it requires a whole lot of trial and error and order and return, and because I’ve largely had to change my style mentality to feel good accommodating the basketball in my stomach and the extra weight here and there. The growing basketball and extra weight are good, healthy things, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t occasionally frustrating, difficult, and unwelcome. I always like seeing how others channel the whole maternity thing, so I thought I’d share my own third-trimester experience, in close-to-real time, with all the details I’d want to know.

the look:

LOFT midi dress with a kind of mock-style turtleneck (size XXS), Steve Madden heeled ankle boots (that I haven’t taken off this winter), high waisted nude stockings for smoothing things out, Rea Designs gold bangles, watch from Just Browsing

the place:

Saturday coffee date and bopping around

what I love:

It’s the softest material (kinda fleecy inside), tight enough to show some curves, but not so tight that I’m feeling like a sausage link. And it doesn’t require a jacket or anything over it to be flattering! This is rare with form-fitting maternity dresses!

What I don’t love:

The melange gray can feel a little athleisure-basic for my taste, so bracelets, hoops, and lips helped the cause

What I Wore (maternity edition!) - The Pastiche