Worthy Reads


This interview with a celebrity event planner is fascinating/exciting/intimidating/causing-me-to-break-out-in-hives all at the same time (via Camille Styles)


For an interesting tidbit to share at your next cocktail party, here's how people use the bathroom in space (via NPR)


The cognitive science nerd in me will always love reading about the origin of language and how it relates to childhood development (via The Atlantic)


This feels like a time of year (after summer, heading into the holidays) when a lot of my friends and I are feeling financial stress, so I found this budgeting guide very timely (via The Everygirl)


As someone with not a lick of Italian in her, but enough Italian friends to know what homemade sauce is all about, I'm too intimidated to even attempt the feat. These guidelines for Sunday sauce's common mistakes to avoid was helpful. (via Bon Appetit) 


Love these best-dressed-for-fall men throughout the decades. Godddddd Paul Newman. (via Esquire)