Worthy Reads


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are two of my favorite style icons, and ones I've loved watching evolve over the years (via Harper's Bazaar)


I need to remember these tips for how to store different fruits and vegetables so they stay fresher longer (via The Chalkboard)


I've been obsessed with Ina's story for a long time, and this deep and authentic look into the Barefoot Contessa's unique "shtick," for better or worse, is fascinating (via Eater)


Interesting and comforting perspective from a workaholic-turned-dad, and how it's helped him (via Entrepreneur)


The jury's still out; sleep patterns of 21 highly successful people differ quite a bit, although almost all of them are early risers (via Time)


These makeup heavy Halloween costumes are creative and cool (via The Everygirl)