Where in the World: Cross Stitch and Cross Country

Life lately - The Pastiche

This is the second installment of a new periodical series in which I’m discussing the abbreviated goings-on in my world as of late. The verbs may change slightly from post to post depending on what I’ve been up to, but each one focuses on what I’ve been thinking about, doing, listening to, reading, eating, buying, etc. in hopes of spreading the word about new products or services or just corralling current thoughts or feels. So, here’s where I’m at in the world:

Looking forward to

A weekend in Hudson, New York, with great friends. After New Year’s, I was determined to get a couple things on the calendar—the type of things that we’d typically really like to do but mostly ever just talk about. So, 10 of us are renting a big ole’ house and spending the weekend straight chilling—chatting, mostly, and making drinks, cooking, playing games, and exploring the artsy little town.


A new couch. Truth be told, our leather couch is legitimately 25 years old, and although it’s been a great couch to several of us over the years, I think it’s finally seen its day. The thing is really worn out! Kaya has also dug a few huge holes in it in the past year. Is Kaya a puppy? No. Kaya is an eight year old adult dog whose owner/dad likes to hide treats in various parts of the couch. All fun and games until a dog’s weird supernatural nose *swears* there’s still a treat hidden in there somewhere. Anyway, we’re sort of in the market for a new one, especially given the long rectangular layout of our living room. There are many that I not only love but also can’t afford. And couch shopping is one of those mind altering, RIDICULOUS experiences where with enough exposure you can convince yourself that $2000 "isn't bad, relatively." And then you remember that it's wood, foam, and fabric. In what world?!?! Alas, this modern but cozy one has been calling my name for a while and occasionally goes on sale. Still, why does a couch seem like a larger purchase than a car? 


Big Little Lies and holy SHIT I am hooked. I really wanted to read the book first but my lack of self control reigneth supreme. The dark-ish, slightly ominous previews of three women running on the beach were enough to pique my interest and since starting the show, the intrigue has only grown. I now want to devour the book and the show simultaneously. I love the mystery of each character’s storyline and the always unsettling undertones throughout each episode. Even though I imagined it’d be a show that appealed mostly to women, Jon is all eyes and ears for it so far, too. Also: on a more serious or at least more important note, I fell in love with Moonlight within the very first minute and was moved by the story for days to follow. It is a must-see for all human beings.


At home! For the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling re-inspired to cook a lot at home and prep weekday lunches, as well. I’m still getting acquainted with our new kitchen which is a huge part of the fun. And while I often get into ruts where I’m buying lunch most days, lately I’ve been using the weekends and even weeknights to prepare a couple of things for the week, even if it’s just leftovers. I’ve been making chicken salad (I have a killer honey Dijon chicken salad recipe coming to the blog soon), roasted vegetables, chili, and another of my favorites, goulash!


This blush. I’m realizing it’s a cult classic for a reason - the formula, the color, even the applicator itself is sleek. I love that it gives a little bit of shimmer to my otherwise matte finish. Combined with this brightener, it always makes me look a little more glowy and a little less corpse-y. The bar is low, but this thing helped raise it.

Thankful for

The cutest cross stitch ever (pictured above) that my friend Michelle made for us as an engagement gift. I had to peel myself off the floor after actually melting when it arrived in the mail. She picked up the new hobby a couple of months ago, and I still can’t believe how quickly she seemed to master it. We also crack up over the accuracy of Jon’s outfit of which he literally wore an exact replica a few days before Michelle gave us the gift, unbeknownst to her at the time of making it. And Kaya! The whole thing couldn't be sweeter to me, and it's my new favorite thing to catch a glance of in our house. Here's where she learned how to do it!

Dreaming about

An end of summer trip that we just began planning to visit a bunch of national parks in Colorado, Utah, and California. We’re calling it our honeymoon, assuming we’ve tied the knot by then :)  I’m most excited about the Rockies, hiking and camping in Zion, and a couple quiet nights under the stars in Joshua Tree. 


A little inadequate, and as a result, uninspired in many ways. I’ve been drinking the comparison poison, and unsurprisingly, all it does is make me feel self conscious, vulnerable, and unmotivated. One of the horrendous side effects, too, is the total burglary of inspiration that ensues; it’s like the light has gone out of my life and I’m left in the dark, unsure of my path or how to keep going. I’m trying to keep my head down, or at least in a tight-knit swivel, so that I keep focused on the right audience - namely, myself, and the people close to me, and the intrinsic joy and pleasure that I get from my own creativity. Since I started yoga, I love the teaching that yoga is an utterly personal practice. It’s not about competing with the people next to you, or striving to be perfect. My friend and teacher Nicole likes to remind us that the best yoga classes are the ones you leave with no memory of what the person next to you was wearing because your focus was inward and positive. I’m trying to apply this mantra to my own life practice more, as well.


Reflecting on

My eyebrows and other deep, important issues. In case you missed it, I've been growing my eyebrows since August. I just recently started strategically plucking some of the super rogue hairs, as suggested by the brow goddesses, but my brows remain mostly untouched. Here's the short and long of it (literally): I'm really happy with the growth that I've had, but I'm also super confused how to manage the work they now require each day. In other words, I like how much fuller they are now, but they also require more maintenance now because without brushing/filling in, they just look crazy and unkempt and without great shape. One truly great trick I've learned, though, is to start by brushing all of the hairs upwards, instead of sideways. It will easily reveal where you may need to fill them in a bit. It also emphasizes more of the natural angle and and helps achieve that feathered look that we're going for. I absolutely rely on Anastasia brow powder to fill in (in small, upward strokes) and Boy Brow for brushing them into place.


All of the duvets. Guys, I’m on a mission to make the beds in our house as cozy and comfortable and cocoon like as possible for both us and our sleepover guests. But it’s a real struggle when I can’t spend a ton on bedding (since we have a dog and since I’m not completely insane), so I am trying to scour for the best I can find and afford. I want to buy more than one per bed so I can layer and fold and toss them around to achieve that cloud-like nirvana that you see in pictures on Pinterest and in magazines. So far, I love the quality and versatile colors/patterns of H&M’s. I recently bought this one (pictured above) and this one in white/gray striped. I previously got this linen one in white for our guest room.

What's been going on with you?? Any #deep eyebrow thoughts or fun plans coming up?

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