Worthy Reads

On life

Being a new mom is fucking hard.

I'm sorta shook by this genius 'big life decision' trick.

A class at Yale teaches how to become happier.


On travel

American Airlines once sold a lifetime ticket. Spoiler: this is fascinating.

At the risk of over-promising, this was also fascinating: an oral history of an "old school" amusement park.


On science and numbers

The marshmallow test.

Princeton and marriage and the income gap.

Are you implicitly biased, according to an old Harvard psychology study?

An interesting baby name trend.


On food

Your (and my) baking questions, answered.

Ah, rosé season :). Peep the slideshow at the bottom.


On relationships

In which one becomes basic.

It's time to get people (men and women) to understand female orgasms (and the very real orgasm gap).

Making strangers fall in love in a laboratory.

How to not suck at relationships.


On the arguably superficial

Amazon sells samples. Move over, Sephora.

I've been studying the French girl starter kit for a long time.


and Made me laugh

Summa ___ Laude.