Worthy Reads - a long one!

Worthy Reads

On life

Guns are complicated, but common sense is not.

Appreciated the realness of this pregnancy experience.

Little ways to make your day better.

A deeply troubling and deeply fascinating look at the opioid epidemic.

I think I have more than one "thing" but I'm worried I have ones I don't even know about, lol.

One interesting thing about approaching the end of a decade.


On travel

50 best places to travel this year.



Marriage is better if you still know how to "be single."

This actually changed my approach to maintaining adult friendships.

Good breakup advice.


On the arguably superficial

The best natural beauty products.

This is a similar approach to how I capsule.

Everything you've ever wondered about cellulite.


On food

Milling your own flour, but really a story about heartbreak.

The prettiest aprons for cooking.

Weekends off are for #worthit cooking marathons.


and Made me laugh

Baewatch vibes.

Bed bugs.


Plus, a new (to me) word:

cogitation: the action of thinking deeply about something; contemplation.