Worthy Reads


This interesting quiz assesses your ability to read people's emotions based off their eyes (via New York Times)


This week I was tempted to share this link alone because it is such a thought provoking and well written piece about the 'Coddling of the American Mind' that I wish I had written myself. It's a long read but it is worth it. Promise. (via The Atlantic)


Always find it interesting to hear "I wish I knew then…" career advice from female powerhouses (via Forbes)


Homemade pizza night is getting an upgrade with all these yummy toppings ideas (via Food & Wine)


This chart about your odds of dying in a variety of circumstances is pretty interesting. Question: am I alone in having thought I had a much smaller chance of dying in a plane crash?! Cue the sweaty palms. (via The Independent)


I can't handle this photoshopping of Donald Trump with a man bun. Crying laughing. (via GQ Magazine)