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Teddy Roosevelt, and that time I was in therapy

I’ve truly grown up with the inward and outward sentiment that my parents’ divorce didn’t really hurt me. I don’t remember it tearing my life apart, yearning for my parents to get back together, or not understanding it. Rather, I’ve always felt like it made sense to me, and that it was unique to them—not something that was bound to spoil my own relationships someday or color and shape my views of my own marriage.

And by now you might be rolling your eyes, or at least raising an eyebrow... 

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Perfecting a couple of dishes for seamless entertaining

Entertaining is intimidating for a reason. It’s really difficult to feel like you need to be in two rooms at once, providing your guests with entertainment of some kind, all the while knowing that you have to serve them food that tastes good in a timely manner that didn’t completely stress you out to make. Entertaining is the scariest, though, when you try to tackle things that are far beyond the scope of what you’re (honestly) capable of. That’s why I think that the best trick is to serve something that you’ve already perfected and are proud of...

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Hierarchy of needs

Do you know about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? It’s a theory in psychology about motivational needs experienced by humans, starting with the most basic physiological needs such as food, and leading up to the more intangible level of self-actualization that a person only yearns for or seeks to fulfill if the other levels of need are already satisfied...

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Practicing thoughtfulness and generosity

How much does it blow you away, bowl you over, knock your socks off when someone does something incredibly generous or thoughtful for you? Being on the receiving end of unexpected kindness is a feeling unlike any other, and one that I look forward to experiencing throughout my life, even if just a few times. Part of what makes this kind of thing so special is that it’s rare and unexpected, and it’s a total day changer.

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Spring Bucket List

Maybe it's having lived in Central and Western New York my entire life, but the changing of seasons is always a very exciting time. Sometimes the anticipation is even the best part; looking forward to feeling differently when you walk outside in the morning is a really refreshing feeling. Right?? Unsurprisingly, it's particularly true after the long cold winter months of which I will spare you the details (because you either live through it yourself or you hear those who do complain about it to no end). And even though this winter has been uncharacteristically easy peasy, 40 degrees as opposed to 4 degrees doesn’t make me crave spring any less...

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A new mantra

During our recent trip to Mexico, 90% of our awake time was spent outdoors: laying poolside, playing on the beach, hiking, exploring the town, eating at local street meat and taco stands, dining al fresco. Even our hotel room had an entire wall of sliding doors that were open to an outside balcony. Everything about this scenario day in and day out was divine. Needless to say, the transition back into real life has been difficult (understatement of the century)...

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101 in 1001 List

I’m a fair-weather resolver—some years I’m feeling inspired to make a list, others not so much, but regardless, I’m never terribly committed to my New Year's aspirations. 

However, an idea that I’ve really been able to get behind is this 101 in 1001 List. Have you guys heard of it? It feels especially relevant right now at New Year’s Resolution time. 

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Pulling myself out of a funk

I am someone who, with too much time on my hands, can quite easily fall into what is most accurately described as a funk. A day can start off with a lot of promise, and yet it seems if I don’t attack it with enough purpose or direction, I begin “bumbling” aimlessly and my mood can spiral downward pretty quickly. And I find myself so envious of those who love to lounge all day, never leaving the house, etc. I WANT to love it, and I crave it and look forward to it when I’m busy or after a week full of work, but when it actually comes around to it, I go a little bit insane doing it. And with enough sitting or lounging, I get into a kind of funk that can be difficult to pull myself out of. Do you relate at all to this?...

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