101 in 1001 List


I’m a fair-weather resolver—some years I’m feeling inspired to make a list, others not so much, but regardless, I’m never terribly committed to my New Year's aspirations. 

However, an idea that I’ve really been able to get behind is this 101 in 1001 List. Have you guys heard of it? It feels especially relevant right now at New Year’s Resolution time. 

The point of this list is to come up with 101 goals to accomplish or attain in the next 1001 days, which is a little under three years. Think about some things you want to improve upon, or start doing, or practice, or learn, or try. Those things can be shorter-term or longer-term goals, and they can be little tasks or bigger, more conceptual goals. I love that this list can act as more of a guide than a stringent resolution, helping you to keep focused on what’s important or where you’d like to be headed, maybe on days you’re feeling particularly lost (or even just bored). 

While I think this kind of a list is a pretty personal exercise, and not something to be shared with the world, I thought I’d give a little direction in case you find yourself stumped. 

Here are some categories to consider for your 101 in 1001 List 

  1. Financial goals — hit a savings goal by the end date, or pursue various ways of saving money
  2. Pursuit of hobbies
  3. Tackling something that scares you
  4. Getting around to all of those things that have been on your to-do list forever
  5. Trying something new
  6. Bucket-list type things —is it time to try skydiving or visit all 50 states?
  7. Improving upon your skills — take guitar lessons or a photography class
  8. Learning new things — brush up on your geography skills or learn more about the stock market
  9. Interpersonal goals — be more social, be a better listener, etc.
  10. Travel
  11. Health and exercise
  12. Family and relationships
  13. Career — looking to switch jobs, go back to school, or move up within your company?

PS: Image from Bubbelsoda