Drugstore lipstick roundup

Drugstore lipstick roundup #2

Just like last time, I've spent the past month or so testing out a new selection of drugstore lipsticks. Several from this roundup happen to be thicker glosses or paints that go on with a wand (thanks be to Kylie, I presume) because that's what seems to be filling the shelves at the moment. I was thrilled to find a couple new favorites for under $10, and I'll also let you know which ones I'd recommend avoiding.

If you have any drugstore brand secret weapons, do tell! I'm just a girl trying to avoid the gravitational pull into Sephora for a product that I misplace on the regular.

Maybelline Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint in Berry Naughty

I was really intrigued by this color because it's way out of my lipstick comfort zone. I've seen similar berry shades on other people and really liked it, so I thought I'd try it. Plus, I've read before that berry shades can be flattering on a wide variety of skin and lip tones. And I do really like the color, especially as an alternative to darker red shades during the fall and winter. However, I am still baffled by the applicator tip on this product, and I could not find it more difficult to apply cleanly. The tip is this fuzzy little thing (which, fuzzy is the last thing I need to create a precise line of magenta on my face) with a hole in the center that you squeeze the color through. I have tried using the tip itself, as well as my finger to apply, and neither allowed me to get good, even coverage. So although I like the solution itself, the difficulty of using it made me really dislike it. A better makeup artist might find it easier, but I bet they'd still prefer to use a different tool for application than the tip it comes with.

Verdict: Nope. But maybe if this same solution came with a different applicator, because I do like the color. 

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Forever

You guys, I've found a new mainstay for everyday wear. This stuff is so soothing to apply—it's smooth, creamy, and even has a slight sweet scent, and it's applied with a small velvety tip. This shade is just darker than my lips, making it incredibly natural looking but with more depth than simply going bare. The color slightly intensifies a few minutes after applying, as it dries more matte than when initially applied. And then it stays looking great forever. Even after hours, if the color has faded slightly, it never looks dry or settles into the seams of my lips. 

Verdict: Yes!! I love this stuff, and I can't wait to try other colors, as well.

SuperStay 24 Liquid Lipstick in Everlasting Wine

This stuff is serious. It's quite different than any other lip product I've tried before, as it's two parts: the color, which goes on first, and then a clear coat you put on afterward to secure it and make it long-lasting. And long-lasting it is. As in, I actually couldn't get this stuff off no matter what I tried—makeup remover wipes, a wash cloth, an electric toothbrush (lol) (I later found out, upon Googling this product to link it, that I needed to use an oil-based makeup remover). It didn't even remotely budge or smear, which I find to be more scary than appealing. I imagine this is similar to many of those no-smear lip products currently taking the world by storm, but at a lower price tag. So, I could absolutely see a time and a place for this stuff, but it needs to be applied very carefully and used with intention because, like I said, it is no joke. The color is very covering and feels high quality, but it is so intense that I found it unforgiving when applying. 

Verdict: I'm intrigued by it (at best)... and would possibly give it a try in a less intense shade. Even so, I'd still only use this very rarely for special events where I need lasting color without reapplication.

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paint in Cool Coral

When you go bold, like punchy-orange bold (a lip color I love), pigmented coverage and staying power are both really important. While I do feel like I can get good, pigmented results and build-ability with this one, this lip solution comes off with everything that comes anywhere close to my lips (including my hair, or food, or a glass of wine), and then it looks really uneven. I wanted to really love it because it's a moist solution that feels pretty good being applied (I also love the applicator brush), but its glossy and yet still chalky results leave a lot to be desired (and look a little too costumey), especially after some time has passed.

Verdict: I would never buy this formula again, but I'd love to find a drier, more matte version of this color.

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm in Apricot Pucker

Although the results do not live up to the color advertised on the packaging, I like this stuff. It is thinner and more transparent than I thought it would be, but because of that, it is buildable, versatile, and feels hydrating like a balm. Because it allows my true lip color to shine through, the result is a really nice hybrid of an orangey pink and my natural lip color that works for daytime. I also like the way it wears over time. It goes on a bit sticky, which I'm not crazy about, but I do think it's quite pretty and brightening as a result.

Verdict: I'll gladly use this tube up! But maybe wouldn't race to buy it again before trying other kinds. I'd be open to trying this same solution in a different color that's closer to my natural lips for an easy-to-apply daytime option that doesn't feel drying. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rum Raisin

I'm so happy to have found another quality, smooth, basic lipstick in a good, versatile color. I find myself relying on this kind of product again and again for both days and nights out, as it's easy to apply (and therefore reapply), affordable enough to replace without breaking the bank after it undoubtedly goes missing in whatever clutch or purse or jacket pocket I wore last, and seems to elicit compliments often. I think that's because it's a no-fail, toned-down red (not overly cold or warm—but just right, and therefore flattering on almost everyone) that makes your face appear brighter.

Verdict: Yes, I'd buy it again because you can't beat the price for such a solid, reliable color and formula that all your friends can pull off, too.

Drugstore lipstick roundup #2