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Dining Out: My favorite places for “dinner and drinks” in Rochester

My very favorite thing to do on earth is go out to dinner. I love eating delicious food. I love sharing good conversation with good people and feeling like there’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be or nowhere else I need to be... 

Click to read the first post in a new series about all the places I love to eat in Rochester!

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In the market for: stripes

This is the second installment of a new series featuring affordable finds of a particular trend or theme. This week's roundup is covered in stripes, one of my favorite classic looks for all hours of the day and all seasons of the year, but particularly in the warmer months filled with market mornings, pool days, and wine nights under patio string lights. 

And as always, everything is under $50...

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The best and the worst of drugstore lipstick

The number of times I have wandered around Sephora, filled my arms with 13 different lip stains/pencils/sticks/creams that I so clearly needed, decided that I was poor and insane and then immediately set them all down and left the store empty handed, is, well, TOO many to count. Am I alone in that? I feel like I'm not alone in that...

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