How to create a cozy and welcoming home during the winter holidays

Since we’ll be moving and settling into our new house justttt before Christmas, we won’t have the time nor the desire to deck it out for the holidays. I tend to be on the lazier side as it is when it comes to the “enjoyable” experience of lugging a pine tree and bins of ornaments into what is currently a fourth story apartment, so I am certain that it won’t be happening this year--especially when I’d rather spend the days surrounding Christmas entertaining friends and family at our new place!! But, I still love the idea of making our place feel cozy and festive for our guests and us. In thinking about just how to do that, it seems like finding some more neutral, wintery (as opposed to Christmas-y) elements that can stick around for a while past December 25th might be our best bet. Plus, things like candles and warm drinks go a long way in making people feel festive and cozy this time of year without revolving around Santa.