Where in the World: pizza and 'planing

Where in the world with the Pastiche

In case you're new to these parts, this is a periodical series in which I discuss the abbreviated goings-on in my world as of late. The verbs may change slightly from post to post depending on what I’ve been up to, but each one focuses on what I’ve been thinking about, doing, listening to, reading, eating, buying, etc. in hopes of spreading the word about new products or services I love or just corralling current thoughts or feels. So, here’s where I’m at in the world...


Our hand at homemade wood fired pizza! We recently built a patio in our backyard, and primarily motivated by this concept, we invested in a pizza oven. It has been an absolute riot trying to master the art of not only firing the pizza, but making the dough itself. After testing a few different dough recipes, this is our current favorite: Roberta’s pizza dough from the legendary Bushwick joint. It helps that we fell head over heels for Roberta’s in person last year, but we were pleasantly surprised to learn how easy their dough is to make and to work with. This is saying a lot, considering I usually hate working with dough of any kind. I highly recommend giving it a try. One huge bonus is that it can be made 24 hours ahead and stored in the fridge, and the result is thin, chewy pizza dough perfection.


With dermaplaning. Some of my darker haired friends can regularly be found complaining about their mustaches and otherwise unwanted hair, and they insist that we lighter haired folks don’t get it. However, as someone who has been rocking a blonde (but full) mustache and general facial hair for as long as I can remember, I insist I can relate. I recently read this blog post and it was evidently all I needed to be convinced that stronger regrowth from shaving is a fallacy and that I *need* to be shaving my face. I then impulsively ordered these razors to give the whole thing a shot. After doing a little bit more research, I’ve been using them on my face weekly, and I love the smooth results and the way my makeup feels and looks. (I used to hate trying to apply cream based foundations and blush to my peach fuzz). I’m now weirdly obsessed with this little ritual that I look forward to each week. Perhaps laser hair removal is in my future, but for now, I'm dermaplaning (and getting made fun of for it by Jon).


To Novo Amor, my current go-to on Spotify. My cousin Derek shared the artist with me a few weeks ago, and I’ve been vibing it hard. Derek and his brother, Dana, are my go-tos for new music, as our tastes align almost perfectly. Whenever they send something my way, I know I’m going to love it. Novo Amor is like a slightly folkier Bon Iver. Every song is good, and the playlist is something I can shuffle on repeat while cooking, cleaning, or blogging.


How to arrange flowers. For our wedding (for economic reasons and ego reasons) I knew I wanted to make all my own flower arrangements. I have always kept fresh flowers in vases around our house, but I had zero experience with artful arranging. I had spent a couple weeks prior doing some reading and Pinning, and I found some tutorials (like this one) really helpful—are you guys familiar with floral foam?! (Game changer!) Anyway, I spent the entire morning of my wedding day slowly and artfully filling vases, and I am now infatuated with the whole process. I was astounded at how relaxing and enjoyable it was, frankly because usually the idea of anything DIY in a time-sensitive scenario would be enough to make me set my own house on fire (and to prove my point further, I was also sufficiently hungover, and still found the activity highly enjoyable). Funnily enough, my friend Julia gave us this beautiful book as a wedding gift, and I've been loving learning more and more about my new favorite pastime.


Magazine subscriptions. My friend Mackenzie and I have talked about the old school pleasure of getting magazines in the mail, but also the irrational and yet debilitating fear of subscribing to a magazine and then moving to a new apartment. How will my magazines find me?! How do I change my address?! Is it even possible?! (Yes, I’m sure, but the worry is still very real). Now that I have a permanent address (as if this was necessary), I recently *delighted* in subscribing to a couple of my favorite periodicals, including Bon Appetit. I forgot how inexpensive this sort of service is, especially when compared to the excitement it offers each month for an entire year. As much as I enjoy perusing online, nothing beats the real thing in hand, especially when it arrives unexpected via post. Also, on a related note, how cute is the idea of gifting a magazine subscription to someone as a “just because” surprise or a housewarming present?


All the things on my "summer push" bucket list—or everything I wanted to do this summer that I'm now really gunning for since we're into the Sunday of summer. We recently went camping in the Adirondacks with my brother and sister-in-law (which entailed hiking a mountain, canoeing, and my first ever seaplane ride!), went sailing with my family on Skaneateles Lake, and had rooftop wine and dinner with friends. While summer winding down is never fun, I love the motivation it gives me to soak up every last minute (and last drop of rosé).


The LOVE, man. I’ve been feeling so much gratitude, pride, and utter joy as of late, which, as real as it is to admit, isn’t always the case, because, well, #life. That’s not to say I spend my days feeling ashamed or wistful or unhappy, but it felt so unbelievably gratifying and fulfilling to have our closest people over to our new home to celebrate our marriage and share our world with everyone we love. I have truly never felt so full of love and utter content-ness and awe over who I have in my life. At the risk of sounding sickeningly corny, I feel proud and humbled by how much my heart wanted to explode that whole weekend and in the days since. I know feelings like this naturally fade and bloom in life, but as Van Morrison said, there’ll be days like this, and I’m really, really delighting in them while they’re here.

*Note, I wrote this before the events in Charlottesville, at which time some very different feelings were evoked. It's difficult to sum up eloquently, completely, and seriously enough, but I've been made more aware than ever of my own privilege. The privilege that is being able to turn away and forget what others don't have the ability to just shake off. It's been alarming to realize that to be in "disbelief" over these events in our country happening in 2017 is incredibly, incredibly ignorant. When no measure or action could possibly feel big enough to face this mountain of a problem, I remind myself that there is meaning to the dialogue I see in my small world. I remind myself that the only thing that’s ever truly changed any one, any situation, or any outcome is open, honest communication (as scary, vulnerable, and uncomfortable as it can sometimes be) and empathy. 


New BRAS, and consequently feeling like an entirely new woman. It's a long story, but here's my sum up. My mom was recently forced (by a great sales person, no doubt) into getting fitted at Victoria's Secret, and at the risk of sounding dramatic, the results were astounding (and also hilarious on several levels)... to her, to me, and to the 4000 people we've told about it since (lol). It's brought to light (and to question) many, many things for us, and naturally led me to get fitted as well. I, too, was dumbfounded to learn that I've been wearing a severely wrong bra size for as long as I can remember. Now I know that there is some controversy surrounding VS's sizing, but regardless, my point is this: get fitted by a brand, and buy that brand. If you're anything like me, you've practically forgotten what a bra is supposed to feel and fit like. And I'm kicking myself for not questioning it sooner! My new bras fit perfectly (as do my mom's!). So, consider this a PSA to GO GET FITTED. It may just rock your world and change your undergarment life forever, as it did with me.

Looking forward to

Our honeymoon!!! By the time you read this, we will have just begun our roadtrip through the national parks in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California. We're kicking it off with a couple nights in Denver (and a Leon Bridges brewery concert!), making our way through Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Grand Canyon, and Joshua Tree, and finishing it out with a few days in Los Angeles. We're relatively unprepared (flying somewhere to camp in a tent requires quite a bit of planning and foresight), but this last week has been jam packed with to do lists, spreadsheets, and maps, so I'm feeling good about the progress. I can't wait to be on our way!


Everything!! For the last few weeks, our house has been in serious disarray as we scrambled to finish a bunch of lingering projects before our backyard wedding. As a result, the fridge has been completely empty and the kitchen counters have been covered with tools, paint brushes, subway tile, and grout. Ever since getting it back in order, all I want to do is cook and bake. I recently tried and loved this easy and summery rendition of eggs in purgatory. I added feta cheese to ours. I’m also looking forward to making a few more summer dishes soon, including this favorite: Parmesan chicken cutlets with a pile of lemony celery salad on top.