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Dining Out: My favorite places for “dinner and drinks” in Rochester

My very favorite thing to do on earth is go out to dinner. I love eating delicious food. I love sharing good conversation with good people and feeling like there’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be or nowhere else I need to be... 

Click to read the first post in a new series about all the places I love to eat in Rochester!

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Shameless Product Plugs - Installment #2

It's time for round two of my Shameless Product Plugs series, the first of which you can check out here. As a refresher, this is a time for me to gush about all those (material) things for which I thank my lucky stars nearly every day that I'm going through life with them by my side. Now things don't make people happy; money doesn't buy happiness. Obvvvv. But when you find something you really love, it's sorta like the cherry on top, or at least the sprinkles.

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