Product Plug: Glossier's Generation G lip color

A recent cosmetics purchase I made has been just begging to be featured on the blog. And it’s Glossier's Generation G.

After using this new stain-like lipstick and a couple of lip pencils from another brand (I’ll be featuring those soon, too), I’m fairly convinced I may never go back to regular old lipstick.

I had read about Glossier’s makeup line for a while (the brainchild of Into The Gloss's beauty editors themselves), and after a couple of initial unsuccessful attempts at adding this guy in Crush to my cart, it was recently restocked and available for purchase.

Here's what I thought

There are so many things I now love about the Glossier experience, and it begins with the website itself. It provides videos of the various shades being applied and on different girls with different skin and hair tones. How genius is this? That’s what we all want to know: how the product actually goes on, not just how it “looks” in touched-up photos.

This lip stain is the definition of buildable (see my pictures below for proof!). You can hastily swipe it on in one light coat, like you would Burt’s Bees balm, and you get a light and natural matte stain. The more you swipe, the deeper the color achieved but without any added bulk. Regardless of how deep a color you achieve, it maintains a natural looking tint that isn’t thick or too opaque. It stays forever without the appearance or texture changing much at all (drinking out of a glass starts to wipe it away, but not in an offensive, immediately-need-to-reapply way).

I went with the Crush shade, which is a warm red tone with more of a berry hue than a red-red. I'm thinking it's a shade that would work on anyone

Every time I've worn it, I've been either asked if I'm wearing lipstick and, if so, what kind, or asked if a friend can wear whatever I'm wearing on my lips. Yes! And Yes.

I can’t wait to delve into more of Glossier’s product line (I ordered this Boy Brow to try next). Because the line is limited and focused at this point, I'm quite confident that those products that are offered are the best of the best.


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