Have you guys heard of eSaleRugs, or am I the only person who has been living under a rock?

Jon and I just placed an order for FOUR rugs (three for his restaurant, and one for our bedroom) and could not get over how much we loved each one's quality and appearance, as well as the price.

...because, if I'm being honest, rugs are one of those completely unsatisfying products to spend money on (at least for me). That doesn't mean I don't love them—I love those perfectly distressed and aged and colorful Kilim and Persian style rugs as much as the next human, but rarely (read: never) have I been able to justify what feels like an exorbitant price for something that gets walked on, covered up, stained, and, for the size of it, sometimes doesn't even pack a great punch in a room.

But eSaleRugs?! I'm in. The site offers free shipping and free returns, and contains thousands of rugs to choose from. Each rug is photographed from multiple angles (with some shown in staged rooms), so you can really get a feel for the actual color and texture—this is HUGE when purchasing rugs online, and something I've struggled with when buying from other websites.

Here is a quick roundup of some I love (they come in a variety of sizes, so I defaulted to either 6x9 or 5x8 for my links). Click on the picture to be directed to its link!