Where in the World: Merry & Bright (and Dark!)

Where in the World - the Pastiche

In case you're new to these parts, this is a periodical series in which I discuss the abbreviated goings-on in my world as of late. The verbs may change slightly from post to post depending on what I’ve been up to, but each one focuses on what I’ve been thinking about, doing, listening to, reading, eating, buying, etc. in hopes of spreading the word about new products or services I love or just corralling current thoughts or feels. So, here’s where I’m at in the world...



Dark on Netflix. The cinematography is (appropriately) dark and creepy, the soundtrack is chilling, and the story is deeply intriguing, engrossing, and very, very well done. Without saying too much (because I always believe going into a show blind is best), it’s sort of True Detective meets Stranger Things (minus any of the campy/hoaky 1980s vibes), but so much more than that with slow character development and a lot of play with time and revelation. It’s strangely unsettling (and weird-dream-inducing) to both Jon and me. There’s no better season to curl up on the couch, guilt free, than winter time.


Alpha Beta Daily peels from Dr. Dennis Gross… again. My skin has been really acting up lately, so I’ve gone back to my old faithful (as I first mentioned here). These nightly peels are not only a really soothing routine, but they actually work. I’m only a few days in, and I can already see a difference.

Looking forward to

A quaint, staycation style New Year’s Eve (which also happens to be my birthday eve) with my best gals. We’ve booked a room at a local hotel and spa, and we plan to do the opposite of what we typically do that night. We’re not stepping foot outside, and instead we plan to indulge in take out and champagne in our robes and PJs (a very hygge New Year, I like to think). It feels just right this year, and I’m delighting in not having to worry about what to wear for New Year’s.


For these cool modern hoops, warm winter boots, cool kicks, a favorite scent, a good umbrella once and for all (I NEVER have one when I need one), the best smelling hand soap and lotion set, these beautiful leather travel bags for makeup, and a Catbird ring to replace what I currently wear.



So, speaking of Christmas lists, I gave myself an early Christmas present. After complimenting several different people about their lashes over the last month, you can imagine my surprise when every single one of them responded that they’ve been using Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields. Not typically one to fall for these kinds of product pushes, I had my doubts at first, but I simply couldn’t get over the results on these five different ladies in my life. I did some research, and I felt positive enough to give it a shot myself. And needless to say, I can’t wait to start (I just received my shipment yesterday!). I’ll be sure to report back about my (hopeful) progress, which likely won’t be for at least another month, according to most people's accounts.


Grateful and excited. I appreciate so much all the love and support and celebration of my new Shop (!!!), and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it grows and evolves in the coming months. We’ve already got some early 2018 travel plans booked to hunt for new products! I welcome any and all feedback from all of you, as I’d love to know what you think, what you might want to see more of, less of, etc. It’s a work in progress, after all, and I plan to keep learning as we go!


New stemless, tasting style wine glasses. I had been eyeing this shape of wine sipping for a while, and after drinking a Negroni in a thin, barely-there, impossibly chic Marta glass at Prune in New York a couple months ago, I knew I wanted to take the plunge for those and the low, wide glasses for wine, as well. I’m obsessed with them—I love that they’re decidedly more casual (same reason I love wine in these kinds of glasses) but even more beautiful than the typical option. I also got a set of the Old Fashioned glasses for my mom and step-dad for Christmas—they’ve been on the hunt for new Manhattan glasses and they loved using them at Prune with us too. The only reason I can state that on here is because I ruin every present and she already knows she’s getting them for Christmas :)


The holidays! More so than any year before, we’ve been really leaning into the season and have had quite a few Christmas “firsts”. We got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving—the earliest we’ve ever done so. And we cut it down ourselves for the first time! And while sometimes decorating it can feel like more of a chore than a pleasure, we really went for it this year—in true spirit, we sipped on eggnog and listened to Christmas music. We’ve watched three different seasonal classic movies, and my friend Michelle introduced us to gingerbread house making that we’re now convinced will be a yearly tradition (is a White House rendition aggressive for 2018?). Finally, last night we rounded things out with a festive dinner-and-a-show (A Christmas Carol) double date with my brother and sister-in-law. And that was after a wintery morning of coffee and holiday pop up shopping at the public market. I love celebrating and indulging in the little things this time of year.


Gabrielle Hamilton’s Blood, Bones, & Butter. The chef and owner of Prune in New York has a way with storytelling. She uses interesting imagery and metaphors while never meandering too far off course; it somehow comes across totally effortless. And yet I find myself dog earring page after page of just fantastic little sentences or paragraphs or memories. I truly love the experience of reading her words. The story of her childhood and early adult life feels so honest, gritty, nostalgic, and loving. It’s just such a great read coming from someone whose talents clearly extend way beyond the kitchen (which was more of an accident, according to Hamilton).


Hosting Christmas Eve at our house with my family for the first time ever. We’ve gone to my grandparents’ for Christmas Eve my entire life, and I’ve loved it my entire life. But now that my older brother and I are both living in Rochester with our spouses (whoa—first time I’ve ever used that phrase), and our family really likes coming to visit, we thought this year would be a good one to switch things up. We’re hosting everyone for dinner Christmas Eve, and naturally, I’ve already forced everyone into committing to a sleepover. I’m loving the process of planning what we’re going to cook, how to make a beautiful tablescape, what music to play, and what fun festive things to do that night. We’re even considering going bowling during the day, on account of a suggestion from my 84 year old grandpa.