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French lentils with lemon vinaigrette, feta, and poached egg

A friend of mine, Mackenzie, and I were just talking about how our favorite way to eat things is in a bowl with all the different components layered together and eaten together. It has a familiar comfort food feel and is just simply more satisfying to eat for any meal of the day. Yes, there's a place for portioned out meals with mains and sides, but I tend to gravitate towards the one-pot/one-plate kind of feel...

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Spicy lentil soup with Italian sausage

Things I always (weirdly) have in my cupboard: chickpeas, 14 different kinds of rice, sweetened condensed milk, and lentils. This is a result of those grocery shopping trips in which I wander down each and every aisle and robotically throw things in my cart. My thought process is something like, "Think about those times you've wanted to bake something without leaving your house and the one thing you need is sweetened condensed milk." (Has that ever even happened??) And then there are all the recipes I've made that have called for various kinds of rice—jasmine, long-grain, arborio, the list goes on. And since it seems like 1 grain of rice uncooked magically turns into 35 grains when it's cooked….my supplies are never ever depleted. My digression is leading me to a discussion of lentils. 

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