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Radish, snap pea, and cucumber salad with mint and yogurt

Let's talk about "deconstructed" things. Like, when you order the "Deconstructed Banana Cream Pie" and you get an abstract piece of Graham cracker with slices of brûléed bananas and dots of whipped cream artfully arranged around the plate. Nothing (irrationally) annoys me more than this—a deconstructed version of something that should never be eaten any other way than in its constructed form (in my humble, correct opinion).

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Butternut squash and ricotta stuffed shells with garlic béchamel

I cannot believe this is my first stuffed shells recipe on here. They have been a favorite dish of mine since I was really little. I grew up having the standard Barilla version of ricotta, mozzarella, and marinara sauce all the time, and it was one of my brothers' and my favorite dinners. It still is! I put it in the same category as lasagna: my ideal comfort foods category, except it's even easier to throw together... 

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