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French lentils with lemon vinaigrette, feta, and poached egg

A friend of mine, Mackenzie, and I were just talking about how our favorite way to eat things is in a bowl with all the different components layered together and eaten together. It has a familiar comfort food feel and is just simply more satisfying to eat for any meal of the day. Yes, there's a place for portioned out meals with mains and sides, but I tend to gravitate towards the one-pot/one-plate kind of feel...

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Ham sandwich with apple, goat cheese, Dijon, and raspberry jam

I don't want to jump the gun here, but one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is how everything on the dinner table goes so well together, although not in an entirely intuitive way. Even right down to dessert! The whole combination is just dynamite, and I love applying the same sort of formula to other dishes and recipes. Because who doesn't love the O.G. Thanksgiving formula of savory and sweet?...

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Tuscan bean and kale soup

There is just a thing about soup. Something about both making it and eating it, where it’s this delightful, warming, comforting thing. The whole experience is the closest you can come to having your cake and eating it too because it’s fulfilling before you’ve even had it, and still after it’s gone. And people have been onto this for a long time. Everyone kind of gets it. I even spent half my adolescence reading never-ending iterations of Chicken Soup for the Soul/Teenage Soul/Cat-lover’s Soul/Bae’s Soul books. (Remember those?)...

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