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Slow roasted herb salmon

As I’ve discussed before, salmon is not my favorite food, and it’s certainly not my favorite fish for how often it tastes overly fishy. But when it's good, it's so good. Determined to make it a beloved part of my at-home repertoire, I’ve learned that cooking it low and slow in the oven is a really good way to produce an incredibly moist, flavorful filet that doesn’t taste overly fishy...

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Smoked salmon spread with lemon and dill

As hard as I try to change it, I’m just not a huge fan of salmon. It’d be the last thing I’d order off a menu, and I’ve had too many bad versions of it to leave me very hopeful about having my mind changed. However, I can name a lot of people whose favorite fish is salmon! It’s just a divisive taste, I suppose. I absolutely love, though, all of the flavors that are so often served alongside of it—dill, lemon, creamy yogurt and sour cream, red onion, etc. And I’ve discovered a particular kind of smoked salmon that I really, really enjoy.

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