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Grilled leg of lamb with cool mint yogurt sauce

Lamb is one of those versatile proteins that works just as well in the summer as it does winter because its preparation and accompaniments can vary so widely. Grilled and served with fresh herbs and a cool mint and cucumber yogurt sauce, it's a refreshing summer protein that's an easy weeknight (or Sunday, when we most like to cook) dinner, especially if marinated ahead of time...

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Grilled Greek-style lamb lollipops with perfect hummus

Greek food and Thai food—the two cuisine types I crave most often. Luckily, we have some really great Greek restaurants in Rochester that consistently deliver great flavor. But every now and then, I really love making a Greek feast at home. This usually comes in the form of pitas with chicken or steak, tzatziki, grilled onions, tomatoes and cucumbers, the works. But this time, we used some of the same great ingredients to go in a totally different direction. These petite lamb chops are my favorite way to eat lamb, because they're so easy to cook, they're tender and full of flavor, and they're much less gamey than other cuts of the lamb. Lamb chops were actually what converted me into a lamb lover (after a couple of years spent traumatized—because bad lamb is bad bad bad), so consider them a gateway of sorts. Topped with herbaceous, lemony gremolata, and served alongside endless pita bread and hummus, this Greek feast is top notch.

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