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Radish, snap pea, and cucumber salad with mint and yogurt

Let's talk about "deconstructed" things. Like, when you order the "Deconstructed Banana Cream Pie" and you get an abstract piece of Graham cracker with slices of brûléed bananas and dots of whipped cream artfully arranged around the plate. Nothing (irrationally) annoys me more than this—a deconstructed version of something that should never be eaten any other way than in its constructed form (in my humble, correct opinion).

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Quick Moroccan tomatoes and chickpeas

This is a simple, easy lunch that comes together very quickly with only a few ingredients. It's nothing fancy or complex, but with the right spice blend, it becomes a great lunch standby. I almost always have everything on hand, which is probably how this dish (and a few variations on it) came into being. All it takes is canned tomatoes and chickpeas as a base, with add-ins such as garlic, spices, spinach, kale, sharp cheese, parsley or other herbs, or topped with a fried or poached egg. It's always delicious, but also healthy and filling.  

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Lemony celery and parmesan salad

Sometimes simple is just the best, and sometimes healthy and light is what your body is craving (a weekend full of burgers and eggs Benedict and Indian takeout and wine and cocktails helps get you and your skinny jeans there real quick).  Ina Garten’s celery salad is truly the answer, and every time I make it I’m amazed at how flavorful and refreshing it is. I had never thought of celery as an ingredient to shine in a dish (I usually eat it smothered in blue cheese—#health—or chopped up in soup), but the citrusy dressing and salty parmesan turn it into something wholly different and I am all about it. This salad is the perfect light side dish to chicken or grilled fish for dinner, and it makes a great lunch salad as well.

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