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Strawberry sriracha jam

While I'm less of a sweet-heat gal (I'm not usually a fan of hot and spicy things that have sweetness to them, such as wings or sauces), I'm all about sweets that have an added element of heat. In this case, the addition of sriracha chili sauce gives homemade strawberry jam, which is fundamentally delicious on its own, a depth and mystery that takes it to the next level.

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DIY French toast breakfast gift basket

Tomorrow, I'll be making personalized gift baskets with shoppers at Hart's Local Grocers, a neighborhood fresh and local grocery store in Rochester. It is the perfect time of year for this sort of event because I know I don't stand alone when I say that it feels like there are still so many people left to shop for! Whether it's for the holiday itself, or a host or hostess gift for holiday travel, this is when we start getting down to the wire for gifting...

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Smoky aioli grilled potato salad

This is a recipe inspired by one by Bobby Flay, one of my favorite chefs. I've now made it countless times, and I've served it warm as for brunch, I've made it ahead of time for picnic style get-togethers, and I've also enjoyed leftovers for lunch over and over again. And while I love potato salad of almost any variety, this one is so dynamic that it's hard to beat...

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Popovers with strawberry butter

Popovers are some kind of miracle. They’re what you might get if you crossed a pancake with a crescent roll, as strange as that sounds, but a better version of either, with crispy edges and a chewier texture. They’re an unfair version of “bread” with your meal because you won’t want to eat anything else on the table. And because of their otherworldly hybrid characteristics, they work just as well savory as they do sweet. I’ve made a gruyere version and I’ve made them with Parmesan and herbs, but I couldn’t help thinking how delicious these would be at brunch (Easter?!) with strawberry butter for sweeter vibes. 

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The best Bloody Mary bar

In my tiny corner of the world, there’s not much better than a great Bloody Mary. And don’t get me wrong, I love the taste of one, but even more so, I love the Bloody Mary environment and culture, if you will (does that statement make me sound uncultured?).

The hours-long brunch with nothing else to do and nowhere else to be. The long pause and “hmmmmm” and “sure, why not” to the waitress when she sees that your glass is getting low. There’s just nothing else like it—a boozy brunch with friends or lovers or, hell, strangers even. 

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Sunny side papas bravas

When you love food and you love to travel, you get all kinds of inspired when the two are combined; and if you're doing it right, the two come hand in hand. You can't possibly visit a new place or new culture without indulging in the food there, especially if the place is known for something. Enter Mexico: land of the best tacos, pico de gallo, limes, fresh fish, and ceviche, just to name the first few things that come to mind. 

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Robin's pancakes

I know there’s a place in the world for thick and fluffy diner-style pancakes, but in my little corner, I prefer these thinner, almost crepe like cakes. They stand up really well to the hot syrup and butter without becoming soggy or mushy, and they are always perfectly golden brown. Jon’s mom, Robin, makes the best ones, and they are a favorite and a staple to the entire family. We make these all the time and can always finish off a batch between the two of us (well, three, because they’re also a favorite to Kaya the French bulldog who subs peanut butter for syrup on her silver-dollar version). 

PS if you’re ever struggling over what to make for dinner (aka most nights), this breakfast-for-dinner option is clear eyes, full hearts, can’t-lose status.

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Quinoa cakes topped with a fried egg

Quinoa was last seen here in my post-Thanksgiving detox effort that lasted for about one day. I might be back on the wagon now that the holidays have finally wrapped up. Although, I say that, but I'm not actually sure if these are healthy. I think I could have a candy bar with quinoa in it and feel like I'm living right, when in reality we all know the truth. But seriously, these are healthy in comparison to most brunches or lunches or dinners, and this meal would satisfy for any one of those. In fact, the first time I ever made a version of these cakes was for dinner, and it was to prove to Jon that he could, in fact, actually like quinoa (pronounced kwi-noah in that stage of my life), and also be fulfilled by it in meal form. He's since become a convert! I mean topping things with fried eggs never hurts. And it's not bad on the eyes, either—I love a good yolky egg pic.

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