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Smoky aioli grilled potato salad

This is a recipe inspired by one by Bobby Flay, one of my favorite chefs. I've now made it countless times, and I've served it warm as for brunch, I've made it ahead of time for picnic style get-togethers, and I've also enjoyed leftovers for lunch over and over again. And while I love potato salad of almost any variety, this one is so dynamic that it's hard to beat...

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Pulled pork sandwiches, and why I love tailgating

I’m such a sucker for sports culture—the comradery, the excitement, the sportsmanship, the win-big together / lose-big together attitude, the drinking, the tailgating, everything. I’ve never been a diehard sports fan, although I loved playing sports myself, but I love the community surrounding sports. There’s a book by political scientist Robert Putnam from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government called Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community. It is about the decline in all forms of social and communal engagement among Americans—and he famously uses the example of how the number of people who bowl has increased in the US, but membership in bowling leagues has steadily declined over the last couple of decades. Putnam is concerned about the education, enrichment, and general sense of civic duty being lost if people choose to do these kinds of activities alone, rather than with other people. (I promise this will eventually be about pulled pork)

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