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Strawberry sriracha jam

While I'm less of a sweet-heat gal (I'm not usually a fan of hot and spicy things that have sweetness to them, such as wings or sauces), I'm all about sweets that have an added element of heat. In this case, the addition of sriracha chili sauce gives homemade strawberry jam, which is fundamentally delicious on its own, a depth and mystery that takes it to the next level.

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Radish, snap pea, and cucumber salad with mint and yogurt

Let's talk about "deconstructed" things. Like, when you order the "Deconstructed Banana Cream Pie" and you get an abstract piece of Graham cracker with slices of brûléed bananas and dots of whipped cream artfully arranged around the plate. Nothing (irrationally) annoys me more than this—a deconstructed version of something that should never be eaten any other way than in its constructed form (in my humble, correct opinion).

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